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Excellent Backroads Trip Planned by Laura Hartman

Posted by Bob trip to
She is thorough, conscientious, and follows up for unexpected problems, such as a forest fire in Yosemite changing our itinerary.

Excellent, Enthusiastic Planner

Posted by Greenland traveler trip to
Our trip went beautifully! Rosemarie does a through job and as a result there is no stress for us! she is extremely easy to work with and contacts you when the trip is over to see if all went well.

Excellent service

Posted by Peter trip to Spain
Rosemarie did an outstanding job planning our Trip to Spain. We are loyal customers and happy to recommend her to other travelers.

Excellent Service

Posted by JRK trip to
Very helpful. Found a fantastic hotel at a fantastic rate. Great trip planning

Excellent Service

Posted by Anonymous trip to
Excellent Service

Excellent Service!

Posted by Peter trip to Europe
Rosemarie did a fine job of helping us get convenient flights to Europe and kept us informed all through the process. My only complaint is not with Rosemarie (who I will use for all our future trips) but with TripCase, which I found impossible to deal with.

Extremely Well Organized and Professional

Posted by Joey trip to
Always a pleasure to work with Kathy on both straight forward short trips as well as more complex longer world wide journeys. She provides current, first hand, in depth knowledge of the destination and makes sure we avoid many of the unknown pitfalls that can befall a traveler in a remote location.

Fabulous Aruba Vacation

Posted by Deb trip to Aruba
There are not enough superlatives to talk about Kathy's work and how she is always there for her clients. She takes care of all of our vacation needs.

Family Trip to Costa Rica

Posted by Mary trip to
It was a pleasure working with Rosemarie Spinney. She listened to what I wanted and was very accommodating. She had to coordinate family members flying in from various parts of the United States to meet up for the trip. Each place we stayed was wonderful. At our first destination, one of my grandchildren said, " It can't get any better than this". No, but it was just as spectacular. Each member of the family, with multiple ages and interests enjoyed...

Fantastic Trip and Rosemarie did a Super Job Organizing

Posted by Bill trip to Venice, Italy
It was a fantastic trip, hotels were great, tours were special and great, everything was organized to a tee! Having someone come to the Hotel in Venice on the Day we were leaving and getting the fast Boat to the airport in Venice and the Van was a great service and made getting out of there was very easy.. I would go wit Rosemarie again in a heart beat, she is a fantastic employee for Posh.. thank you

Fantastic Trip Planner!

Posted by Robin trip to
We had an absolutely marvelous trip thanks to the careful planning and attention to detail provided by Kathy! She had everything organized and coordinated - all we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves! I highly recommend Kathy to assist with travel planning!

First Class!!

Posted by John & Nina Botts trip to
We always have received excellent attention from Kathy in a travel world that has become more complicated in the last 15 years. We are close or in our 70s and so we remember and grew up in a travel world that was smaller, more simple and more gracious. Kathy works hard to assure all clients get a “bang for their buck” but also keeps them educated on how to best enjoy their travel experiences.


Posted by Curt trip to France
I came to Lisa two weeks before my vacation started with a general idea of where I wanted to go. Within 10 minutes of speaking with her I was able to decide on a trip to France. Every detail was planned out and I was able to enjoy the whole trip without having to replan or improvise anything. Thank you Lisa!

France 2017

Posted by Craig L trip to Nice, France
Kathy did a great job (as usual) helping us with this trip. We started in Nice and ended in Paris. Perfect time with some old favorites and new discoveries. Thanks Kathy!

Great Advisor

Posted by Mari trip to
Kim is knowledgeable, patient, and efficient.

Great Attention to Detail. Smoooooth Trip Thank you Kathy

Posted by Glenn trip to
Nice job Kathy will be back again soon

Great customer service

Posted by Susan trip to
Rosemarie was wonderful in finding a last minute getaway for my family during a hectic holiday season (in which most families book well in advance!). She was persistent to find the right location to meet our family needs by providing a variety of different options to me to review. Rosemarie listened to my feedback on the options and was able to find just the right location for our much needed family time together. She is pleasant to work with, reliable,...

Great Job, Fantastic Trip!!

Posted by Edna & Paul trip to
Can't say enough good things !!!! Rosemarie takes care of every detail.

Great Service!

Posted by Suzanne46 trip to Antarctica
My trip with Nat Geo/Lindblad to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands was the trip of a lifetime! And thanks to Laura, it went without a hitch.

Great Service!

Posted by Niki s&e trip to
Rosemarie gave us exceptional service, followed up and never let us forget she was there to help us. We had a great time and she moved our room to the perfect location!! She has booked three trips for us and could not be happier!