James Farr

James Farr

Certified Travel Associate

My Background:

High school French teacher (1969-2005) & travel agent since 1979 (Certified TravelCounselor® since 1999), I combined my love of languages, history & travel. Having visited France over 50 times in the past 45 years, I’ve acquired the knowledge & experiences to help plan that special trip to match your interests. My travels in the francophone world extend from France to Morocco to French Polynesia. I also have extensive knowledge of, and experiences in, other countries & regions of the world. I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups - planning cruises, complete tours, villa rentals, individualized rail/driving tours & more. I've visited 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, No. & So. America. Only Australia & Antarctica remain! My most recent travels (2015) include:Thailand in February; Greece,Turkey, France in May; Portugal, Spain, France in August; Italy, Greece, Turkey in October; French Polynesia and Cook Islands in December. Next trips will be Chiang Mai and Koh Samui, Thailand; Paris, Loire Valley, Normandy/Invasion Beaches; London; Iceland.

FarrAway Places, affiliated with Posh Travel, will plan a unique, quality experience that will become a lifelong memory.

Jim Farr

Places I Have Traveled

Bruges , Belgium

Bangkok , Thailand

Nuku' Alofa , Tonga

Rio , Brazil

Tauranga , New Zealand

Stockholm , Sweden

Chamonix-mont-blanc , France

Orkney , United Kingdom

Bay of Islands , New Zealand

Rabat , Morocco

Paris , France

Hong Kong , China

Marrakesh , Morocco

Amsterdam , Netherlands

Helsinki , Finland

Santos , Brazil

Montevideo , Uruguay

Edinburgh , United Kingdom

San Jose , Costa Rica

Margarita Island , Venezuela

Brussels , Belgium

Oslo , Norway

Fez , Morocco

Caracas , Venezuela

Papeete , French Polynesia

Ghent , Belgium

Moorea , French Polynesia

Cancún , Mexico

Rarotonga , Cook Islands

Giza , Egypt

Casablanca , Morocco

Auckland , New Zealand

Dublin , Ireland

Seoul , South Korea

Belfast , Ireland

Cairo , Egypt

Andong , South Korea

Tahiti , French Polynesia

Taha’a Motu Mahana, Society Islands , French Polynesia

Volubilis , Morocco

Le Havre , France

Punta Del Este , Uruguay

Buenos Aires, Argentina , Argentina

Chiang Mai , Thailand

Ayutthaya , Thailand

Kanchanaburi , Thailand

Mae Rim , Thailand

Fontainebleau , France

Bayeux , France

Mont-Saint-Michel , France

Amboise , France

Avignon , France

Nice , France

Narita , Japan

Kyoto , Japan

Athens , Greece

Rhodes , Greece

Santorini, Greece , Greece

Hydra , Greece

Bodrum , Turkey

Dalyan , Turkey

Venice , Italy

Rome , Italy

Naples , Italy

Pompeii , Italy

Civitavecchia , Italy

Crete , Greece

Mykonos , Greece

Chaniá , Greece

Kusadasi , Turkey

Ephesus , Turkey

Huahine , French Polynesia

Bora Bora , French Polynesia

Quebec (Quebec), Canada

Montreal (Quebec), Canada

Gibraltar , Gibraltar

Lisbon , Portugal

Portimao , Portugal

Cadiz , Spain

Ibiza , Spain

Barcelona , Spain

Reykjavík , Iceland

Beynac , France

Salzberg , Austria

Munich , Germany

Oberammergau , Germany

Berchtesgaden , Germany

Thank you for sending us such detailed instructions

Posted in Paris, France

Dear Jim, I am embarrassed that I haven’t written to thank you for sending us such detailed instructions for our rather modest trip to Paris. Both Marie and I remark often on how thankful we are that you are in our life….

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